Pig Pickin' Picnic

August 27, 2006


Bob Warhurst's home on Quiet Brook Road

Fairfax, Virginia


Click on thumbnails for full size pictures.  Photos by Chuck Shaw


On a beautiful August day, not too warm and not too cool, at least 123 GWC club members in 28 Model A Fords, a classic Mustang, a Cobra, and several modern cars, assembled at the beautiful estate of club member Bob Warhurst, owner of Merrifield Garden Center.  The acreage, and a few surrounding home sites, form a quiet oasis hidden in the rolling hills of Fairfax County, only a few minutes from Fairfax City.  A historic home on the property was built around 1720 by a friend of George Washington, who stayed there on several occasions.


We were gathered together for our annual Pig Pickin' and all around fun last picnic of the season.  Chef Marty French prepared the barbequed pork, and a large variety of side dishes and meats; salads and deserts were brought by club members.  It was a bountiful harvest, to say the least.  The following are some scenes from the day; unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the many children playing on the grounds, and swimming in the pool.  Rest assured, the kids know what to do with acres of fine lawn, and a great swimming pool with water slide and other toys, and they just went and had fun.  The adults looked at cars, chatted, and ate!  Afterwards, a bingo game ran until every last prize was won.


Here are 25 of the 28 Model A Fords; the other three were on the other side of this field, near the picnic tables.



Here is the line-up from the other end. The roadster at the left end of the line is not visible.




Marty has his own neon sign he hangs up!  On the right is the food line; Marty is overseeing things.


The following pictures of folks enjoying lunch at the picnic tables are not accompanied by a spread-sheet of the names of those at each table.

Feel free to construct one; send it to me and I will post it.  The tables are numbered, to make it easy.



Table 1; Chuck is goofing around, he doesn't really eat like that.




                        Table 2.




                                                Table 3.




                                                                        Table 4.




                                                                                                Table 5.




                                                                                                                        Table 6.




Eating up.




                                                Gil offers Charlene a slightly used hamburger. (Don't ask me!)




                                                                                                Chillin' out after lunch.




                                                                                                                                                The Model As wait patiently in the background for their chance to roar back to life.




                                                        Two cars we haven't seen very often: Jerry's Vicky and Howard and Gretchen's Cabriolet.  Thanks for bringing them out.



A final view of the cars.  Host Bob Warhurst is in the golf cart, looking at each car in the line.


Many thanks to Andy and Ellen Jaeger, Janet and George Merkle, Paul and Laurel Gauthier, Benny and Sharon Leonard, Phil and Betty McCormick, Marty French, Bob Warhurst, and all the other folks who worked so hard to make this one of the best Pig Pickin's ever.