Club Mailing Address:

GWC Club
P.O. Box 971
McLean,VA 22101

Please contact the Club Librarian as listed in The Script and on the club website to secure any items.

  • Henry Ford by Carol Gelderman
  • Wheels, for the world. Henry Ford his company and a century of progress by Douglas Brinkley
  • 90 Years of Ford by George H. Dammann

    • VHS/DVD
  • 1st Annual Washington Congressional Concours d'Elegance (VHS)
  • 1993 Sully / Rockville Antique & Classic Car Show (VHS)
  • 4th Annual Picacho Park, Arizona Hillclimb Event 11-9-03 (VHS)
  • Annual Tour Prep by the Diablo A's w/Bob Grady and Alex Janke (DVD)
  • Brakes/Distributor/Headlights GW Chapter Presentation (4-DVD)
  • Brake Adjustment (Millard Springer) (8-DVD) (1-VHS)
  • Carburetors & Carbohydrates (VHS)
  • Engine Bearing Adjustment (Milliard Springer) (3-DVD) (1-VHS)
  • Engine Rebuilding (Bud Schwalm) (3-DVD)
  • Generator Rebuild Gennin' Along with Lloyd and Floyd (VHS)
  • Hammer Welding Techniques (3-DVD) (1-VHS)
  • Headlight Fundamentals (Millard Springer) (VHS)
  • Headlight Seminar 1&2 MARC Nat. meet 1993 (VHS)
  • Headlight Adjustment (DVD)
  • How to Avoid Fahrenheit Fright (Cooling System) (3-DVD) (1-VHS)
  • How to Stop on a Dime (VHS)
  • "Kustom" Painting Secrets (need to ask)
  • MIG wire feed welding (VHS)
  • Model A Distributor Part I: Causes and Cares of Failure (Millard Springer and Don Temple) (3-DVD)
  • Model A Distributor Part II: Cosmetics, Rebulding, Timing (Millard Springer and Don Temple) (3- DVD)
  • Model A Ford Locks & Keys (need to ask)
  • Model A Ford Starter Rebuild (Luke Chaplin) (3-DVD) (1-VHS)
  • Model A Muffler (Walt Bratton) (1-DVD) (1-VHS)
  • Model A Museum MAFFI Sept. 2011 (DVD)
  • OXY-Acetylene welding (VHS)
  • Parks Plus (2-VHS)
  • Patch Panel Installation (2-VHS)
  • Rebuilding the 3-speed transmission (3-DVD)
  • Roadsters Rumbleseats & country drives (DVD)
  • Tail lights Model A (VHS)
  • The Art of Buffing (VHS)
  • The Milestone Model A (DVD)
  • The new Ford Model A Introductory Film. (1-DVD) (1-VHS)
  • TV Show for Sully 1993 (Bob Dulton) (VHS)

    • Audio Cassette
  • Lloyd Davis and Ed Wiencek Memories