Club Mailing Address:

GWC Club
P.O. Box 971
McLean,VA 22101

These tools belong to the Club. Any member in good standing may check out these tools by contacting the Club Property Manager as listed in The Script and on the club website. The borrower assumes all liability in the use of these tools.

Air Tank1VA
Axle Housing Race Press, KRW1VA
Brake Adjustment Wedge Gauge1VA
Brake Arc Machine1VA
Brake Drum Micrometer1VA
Brake Shoe Riveting Tool2VA
Brake Shoe Riveting Tool1MD
Cowl Light Installation Tool1VA
Cam Gear Removing Tool1VA
Cam Nut Socket1VA
Carburetor Jet Tester1VA
Carburetor (High Speed) Reseating Tool1VA
Compression Tester Adapter1VA
Cowl Light Installation Tool, used to find the hole for cowl arm1VA
Cut-out tester (original cut-out)1VA
Differential Cone Puller, KRW1VA
Distributor Puller1VA
Drive Pinion Roller Bearing Puller and Replacer1VA
Drive Shaft Pre-Load Socket1VA
Door Hinge Pin Removal Tool1VA
Engine Head Removal Tool1VA
Engine Hoist2VA
Engine Hoist1MD
Engine Number Stamp Set1VA
Engine Stands4VA
Engine Stands1MD
Engine Transport Trailer1VA
Fly-Wheel Dial Indicator, KRW1VA
Frame Spreader1VA
Front & Rear Brake Centering Gauge1VA
Front Spring Spreader1VA
Front Wheel Race Press, KRW1VA
Gas Gauge Tool1VA
Glaze Buster1VA
Head Nut Torque Tool,used to torque the head bolt under the distributor1VA
Jack 12 Ton1VA
King Pin Reamer1VA
Large Gear Puller1VA
Model A Air Compressor (used under supervision only)1VA
Pinion Nut Wrench2VA
Propeller Shaft Grease Retainer Installer, KRW1VA
Reamers in various sizes (1" max)13VA
Reamers adjustable set 1/4" - 2"1VA
Rear Axle Seal Driver1VA
Rear Drum Puller1VA
Rear Hub Seal Driver1VA
Rear Spring Spreader3VA
Rear Wheel Hub Puller, KRW2VA
Ridge Reamer1VA
Ring Groove Cleaner1VA
Ring Compressor1VA
Slide Hammer for Axle Removal1VA
Snake Light1VA
Spring Spreader, KRW2VA
Tool for Removing & installing Spring Bushing1VA
Steering Wheel Puller1VA
Head Stud Remover1VA
Torque Wrenches, inch and lbs2VA
Valve Grinder1VA
Wheel Painting Tool1VA
Wheel Puller (Ford)2VA
Wheel Puller (3 leg)1VA