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Model A Ford Car Clubs

Model A Ford Parts and Service

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Ford Model A Related Pages - Model A Ford bulletin board, picture gallery, and much more. Excellent site to post questions about Model As, and receive answers from a variety of folks world-wide who have knowledge and expertise related to Model As. Or, just a great site to read the postings and see what you can learn from other peoples questions and answers. If the Java version does not work correctly on your computer, click on "Original Style".

Ford Barn - Includes a question/answer and chat forum and a Swap Meet link. Also other links..Enjoy.

The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village - If you are ever in the Detroit area, these are well worth visiting. If you want to visit the archives, send them an e-mail to make a reservation. While on their home page, visit the Showroom. Also check out the many pictures and films that are available.

Lars Hedstrom of Sweden has several great "A" pages. His main site has a lot of Model A information. His truck and commercial vehicle page has great pictures and information about the "AA" trucks. Also, there is a Ford A history written by a Swedish Ford A fan.

Steve Plucker has some good historical research too on his page at: Model A Ford History and Information Project

Paul puts together a nice webpage on how the Model A works at: Model A Basics

Some good tips and info at: Two Doors and Forty Horses

Another good discussion board: Vintage Ford Forum

Model A Specs and Body Codes: Specs

Some pages that deal with woodies:
Ford Woodies
National Woodie Club
Woodie Resources

Misc Links